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Auldhouse League Results 17/07/18

Good to see the return of a few missing faces last night, most notably Vince Pickering and Colin Meikle back from injury and looking fit, indeed Vince put in a great time of 25.42 Congrats to Raymond Sibbald on his PB time before a cycling break in Majorca.

Welcome back to Alan Graham who managed to persuade his wife for some pocket money to pay his club subscription!! Fastest time on the night was Martin Smith with an excellent 25.01, well done Martin. Please remember we are up on the A77 for next weeks league for a change.

Times with time up on handicap and points earned,
M Smith 25.01 (up 39 secs, 4 points)
V Pickering 25.42 (up 1.07, 8 points)
D Gibb 26.13 (up47 secs, 5 points)
P Mathieson 27.16 (up 2.02, 16 points)
R Sibbald 28.18 (up 1.10, 10 points)
A Bean 28.38 (up 31 secs, 4 points)
C O'Donnell 29.10 (up 1.15, 10 points)
A Rutherford 29.59 (up 1.21, 10 points)
A Wilson 30.14 (up 3.20, 26 points)

Points running total attached.
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