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Hey All,

Since I have recovered, I've signed up for a few events, anyone else doing these?

  • Stathaven Sportive - 19th August
  • Dooleys 10 TT - 26th August
  • Ayrshire Alps Sportive - 2nd Spetember
  • Tour of the Campsies 25 TT - 9th September
  • Tour de Trossachs 25 TT - 7th October
Never done a 25TT before any tips?

NB still hoping to make it to Rothesay too!



  • That makes 3 from the club doing the Tour de Trossachs, anyone else fancy it. I'm doing the 10 at Rothesay, I think Alan G. is looking for a partner for the 2 up there, if you're interested
  • Ride it like a 10 Vince .
  • Iam also doing tour de trossachs. And two up on Rothesay.
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