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Invergordon 50TT

It was another long trip up to Invergordon for a 50, I'm told there was no wind on the Saturday, however the race was on a Sunday. The riders were now complaining about the strong wind, but at least it was dry and sunny. The course is an out and back, with the wind coming from the south west, which is exactly the way the course goes. After about 5 miles there is a climb, which has to be done again on the way back, that wasn't the problem, it was the 25 miles of headwind, which must have taken me over 80 minutes. I was hoping to get my vets standard time of 2.31.18, but for that 25 miles I saw my time disappear into the distance, with about 17 miles to go I was 2 to 3 miles down, however then came the turn and the tailwind. With a lot of hard work I started to think I might get my time, but it would be close, I finished in 2.30.01, I was pleased with that and unlike last year, I was able to get off the bike by myself. I sometimes think about doing a 100, then I think how hard the 50 was.


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