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Auldhouse League Results 24/07/18

A rare dry evening on the A77 course attracted seven riders to do battle. Ruaridh, fresh from his 7th place in the Paris road race and 8th in the TT, (well done Ruaridh) put in a good time. Vince Pickering also rode an excellent race considering he is still recovering from a broken collar bone, what's he going to be like when fully fit?

Derek Gibb also produced his first sub 26 minute time on this course. Mark Carroll however produced the time of the night and he is still riding himself back in to fitness after an injury. Maybe I should get an injury and try a comeback and see how that works!!!!!

M Carroll 22.58
M Smith 24.09
V Pickering 24.37
D Gibb 25.25
P Mathieson 26.53
R Brown 27.13
A Bean 27.44

Points and running total to follow.


  • It was certainly a good night for PBs on that course! Well done to all.

    Thanks for the kind words Davy, I must say that I have been back on the bike for a while now and used the turbo when I couldn't get out on the road. Possibly the rest even done me some good! I think I am roughly now back to where I was in May.

    If you still need an injury, I might know a couple of guys who can help ;)
  • Cheers, nothing serious just a gentle fall off into grass, a Chris Froome if you like!
  • Well done everyone. Great times. Looking forward to trying the A77 course. Next time hopefully.
  • You will get a chance rymond. That's the course wee use for club championship.
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