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Auldhouse League Results 7/8/18

An almost perfect night attracted 11 riders and some had PB's while some others were brought to a standstill on the Red Road, Derek and Vince!!!. Fastest on the night, Martin Smith with a 24.14. PB's for the year for Andy Wilson, Ali Bean, Billy Brierley and Paul Mathieson.

It was decided to bring forward the club's confined 10 to the evening 0f 16th August on the A77 course. So next week Tuesday night as usual and then on the Thursday up to the A77 to decide the club's 10 mile champion. First rider off as usual a 7.30pm. More on this to follow.

M Smith 24.14 (up 1.26, 10 points)
V Pickering 24.23 (up 1.26, 10 points)
P Mathieson 26.56 ( up 2.22 18 points)
R Brown 27.16 ( up 1.21, 10 points)
B Brierley 27.18 ( up1.16, 10 points)
D Gibb 27.24 ( down 24secs, 0 points)
A Bean 27.57 (up 1.12, 8 points)
C O'Donnell 28.45 (up 1.40, 12 points)
R Sibbald 29.09 up 19secs, 2 points)
A Wilson 29.48 (up 3.45, 28 points)
I Strachan 31.42 ( up 56secs, 6 points)

Running totals attached
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