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Due to injuries from a recent crash on the bike, it's looking unlikely that I'll be able to take part in any events at the Rothesay weekend. If anybody is interested in taking my place, please let me know. I haven't entered any events, but I have accommodation booked with the club - let me know if you're interested!


  • Chris, sorry to hear that. I trust you are OK?

  • Healing up well, but my wrist sprain is still giving me grief, so can't put any weight on the bars. Been on the turbo but it's not quite the same.

    Anyways, I managed to find someone to take my place. Cheers :)
  • Hope you're healing well
  • getting there! Been on the turbo this week but can't put weight on the bars unless I'm on my forearms. At least I can keep the legs ticking over :)
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