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Eastwood theatre is showing this:

If we buy 10 tickets we get 1 free...

Also other cycling related activities are on, e.g. a book signing by Graeme Obree the night before I think.

Anyone interested?



  • Vince,
    myself and Billy are interested.

    Davy T
  • Cheers Davy, I'll book tickets soon. Will cross post on the Whats App group in case anyone missed it.
  • Ali and Raymond have expressed interest also
  • Yes I'm up for that
  • OK, so we have Davy, Billy, Ali, Raymond, Christopher and myself so far.
  • Going to buy tickets today any last minute takers?
  • OK 7 tickets purchased. You can settle up on the day or earlier if you like.
  • Show is this Friday, I have a mate who can't make it so two tickets going if anyone else fancies it.
  • For those that need a ticket form me, I'll get there at least 30m before the show starts and hang about trying to look obvious.
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