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Auldhouse League Results 28/8/18

edited September 2018 in Time Trials And Sportives
Not a bad night for a TT , at least it stayed dry. Fastest rider on the night by a long shot and with "sore legs" Mark Carroll with a 22.31, last man off but first man home!!! Please note that from now on until the league ends in mid September the first rider off will be at 7pm, so get up early.

All times and points total attached


  • Well done all. Due to various aches and pains I couldn't join in :(

    Worth mentioning that Mark's ride has broken the Strava record for the course set by David Gleave 2 years ago by 46s. That was some ride Mark. Good luck for the national!

    Curious... what is the actual marshalled time course record?
  • Vince,
    I believe there may have been a faster time in the past. I would have to look back into the archives that Jack had. I think maybe a 20 or 21 minute something is the fastest.

  • Cheers Davy, wow fast times...!
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