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Auldhouse League Results 11/09/18

The evening didn't look to promising with a might heavy downpour around 6pm, however it didn't deter some and they were rewarded by a dry run although windy.

Fastest on the night and in good form prior to his cycle up to John O' Groats was Raymond Sibbald with a 28.10. Ali Bean rode a 28.54 and Andy Wilson a 31.40. We will run next week again at 7pm but decide nearer the time if that will be the last.

R Sibbald - 28.10 - up 1.18 and 10 points
A Bean - 28.54 - up 15 secs and 2 points
A Wilson - 31.40 - up 1.54 and 14 points

Running points total attached


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