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Jack Robertson Auldhouse League 25/9/18

For the final, final league night it was bloody awful. Dull, heavy rain and wind. Well in some riders warped minds, a perfect night for time trialling!!!! Even Andy Wilson who turned up to ride, declined when he saw how bad it was. He must be getting some sensibility in his old age.

Anyhow for Raymond Sibbald and Vince Pickering there was no such sensibility...….they rode the course. Raymond even had his shorts on...what!!!! Needless to say, no best times tonight. Raymond did a 29.45 and Vince 28.25. Well done chaps.

Even though the final race was tonight, the league had really been sewn up a few weeks ago. I can confirm Andy Wilson is the 2018 Jack Robertson Auldhouse League Champion with Paul Mathieson the runner up, well done chaps! I would like to thank all the riders who turned up over the course of the season and gave their all every Tuesday evening. Thanks also to Marion, Michael and all marshals who helped out. Also a warm welcome to the new members this year and hopefully they enjoyed themselves.

Well, don't think it's all over, have a look at the dates for your diary post where there is lots to keep you busy over the coming months.

Please see attached document showing final standing and points earned.


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    It wasn’t that bad. Honest! I have thoroughly enjoyed the TT experience this year and hope to get better and quicker next year! Thanks to all who made the newbies feel welcome.
  • Well done Andy and Paul. Thanks again to Davy, Marrion, Michael and everyone else who helped out
  • I couldn't let Raymond do it on his own!

    Indeed, well done to Andy and Paul and the newbies (not that long since I was one :) thanks for everyone who helped out!
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