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October Turbo Training

As promised, I will be posting the turbo sessions in advance so that everyone can see what the plan is for the month ahead. Please see the attached pdf for October's sessions.

As I won't be there, I hope that someone will step up and ensure that the sessions goes ahead as planned :smile:


  • Cheers Chris, I would but I can't make it for the next couple of weeks. Rest assured that I will still do the exercises! I am sure that someone will take on the mantle!
  • Thanks Chris. Really enjoyed last night’s session. Looking forward to next week.
  • If you enjoyed it then that means it wasn't hard enough ;)

    Kidding of course! Glad you enjoyed it Raymond, and I'll hopefully be there from next week onwards
  • I won't be there tonight, so to prevent the same mistake from happening tonight as happened last year:

    For tonight's session it is only the sprints which are to be repeated, NOT the 3 min @ 60% -> 2 min @ 70% etc... The purpose of this at the beginning of the session is to ensure people are warmed up properly for the sprints.
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