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Thursday Night Lights

Apparently there was some discussion at the turbo session this week about getting the winter Thursday Night Lights up and running.

Similar to the summer Thursday evening runs, we meet at Langlands Drive at 7pm, lights are an essential requirement - generally heading around the airfield circuit.

If people are going to make it out, please post here or on the club facebook page to let others know if you'll be out (or on the WhatsApp group if you're a member of that too).

Weather tonight looks a bit mixed, but the rain has held off so far - if it stays this way I should be out.


  • Quite enjoyed last night's cycle round the lanes, hopefully get a few more in
  • Agreed! A good small group out, on what turned out to be a perfect night for cycling (if a little chilly towards the end)
  • Couldn't manage last week, but aim to head out this week.
  • I don't think I'll be out this evening, having issues with the winter bike, so it's looking like the turbo for me tonight!
  • Three of out on the 1st Nov, Ruairidh, Graeme and myself. It was a lovely clear night, not much wind and not particularly cold. Ruairidh stayed with us till the bottom of the Rigg, then it was just a flashing red light disappearing into the distance.
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