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Hill Climb 2018 Results

On an improving day weather wise, almost sun cream time by the end of the hill climb!! I am glad to say a good crowd came out to enjoy the proceedings.

First up was the freewheel, where Vince's boy Sean, was first down the hill and managed a good trundle up the other side to win the junior trophy. Well done Sean. Ali Bean set the standard until Craig Barr overhauled him. It was not until Colin Gillespie (the last man) that a new distance was covered, Colin scraping past Craig's mark. Well done Colin, although he did keep his jacket on and we noticed the back pockets look fit to bust with all manner of things!!!!!

Now to the main event, the Ardoch Rigg climb. First up the hill was Sean Pickering who was timed by Colin Gillespie and managed a very good 6 minutes, well done Sean. First rider under 3 minutes was Colin Meikle who considering has not been out much was not far off the pace. Craig Barr and Ruaridh Brown also manged under 3 minutes to push Colin down the leader board. However defending champion Vince Pickering was not to be outdone and his time was the only one under 2.30 minutes. Vince retained his hill climb trophy with a winning time of 2.23, congrats Vince.

V Pickering - 2.23
C Barr - 2.37
R Brown - 2.48
C Meikle - 2.53
C O'Donnell - 3.47
A Wilson - 4.24
S Young - 6.00 (Junior Trophy)

Thanks to all for taking part, Ali for pushing off and timekeeping at the bottom of the hill and Colin for escorting Sean.


  • Well done everyone
  • Thanks Davy for time keeping, lifts and refreshments! Thanks to Ali for the push off and to Colin for keeping an eye out for the wee man (and everyone for their patience) he is well chuffed. Well done all!
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