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Results for 4th Nov.

It was a bright but breezy day on the A77 on Sunday for the 6 riders that turned up. If we had started 4 hours later, the wind more, or less disappeared, not that would have made much difference to some of the riders.

M. Smith 24.57
V. Pickering 25.34
R. Sibbald 29.17
R. Brown 31.18
P. Lawson 32.04
A. Wilson 34.55

I've got an excuse for my time, as I needed to drive over with the canteen, as well as time keeper. I only had my ride from the car to the start as my warmup, so I was starting cold. Next month, if Davie's back, my excuse will be my 14 mile ride past the wind farm and I'll be too tired.
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