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Auldhouse League Data and Handicap Rules

Hi All,

It's been mentioned a couple of times to look at the handicap time rules around the league. There has been some discussion about moving to a rolling average. The potential advantage being a more gradual change to your target rather than the abrupt change that occurs after perhaps riding in very favourable conditions.

So I offered to look at putting together an excel sheet to reduce the book keeping overhead. Anyway early days and I've just started to look into this. My intention is to provide some data so that people can make their minds up if they feel it would be a good thing or not.

So far I have collated all last years results and calculated rolling handicaps. Interesting stuff in it's own right and I'll share this later. However; before doing so, to complete it I'm not sure exactly what point values are awarded should a rider beat their handicap by x amount. Davey can you assist with this?




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    Update for all.

    After running last years results against an alternative moving handicap system I can confirm that this would have had no impact on the winning rider who would still have had a considerable lead (well done Andy!). Other places did change a fair bit. So I'll need to try harder to stop Andy winning next year

    In any case, the proposal is to move to a moving handicap system. And I would request this is added as an agenda item at the AGM.

    In previous years the handicap was only changed should you beat your time by 2 minutes and last year it didn't change at all. The 2m change was in many cases a bit like hitting a wall with very low scoring afterwards. Last years system meant you could score a lot of points if your initial handicap was low despite improving.

    A moving handicap means that your handicap will change gradually. It chases you. This means that to score points you will need to keep improving but you shouldn't suddenly hit a wall. The downside is that it takes more book-keeping. (I will volunteer).

    The approach I took was:

    • First four rides, handicap = average of the rides
    • From the fifth ride on, the fastest and slowest ride are discounted (this removes extreme weather / mechanical events)
    • Handicap time can go up and down
    • Traditional scoring system used - just handicap calculation that is proposed to change
    • As per previous, ten best scores used to calculate final score
    In general terms everyone scored less points. Also if you had some off days or poor weather your handicap could get 'worse'.

    Some interesting stats:

    • Award for attendance = Andy Wilson
    • Fastest ride = Mark Carrol
    • Most improved handicap times over season with this system: A Wilson (307s), D Gibb (159s), A Bean (152s), A Rutherford (146s), P Mathieson (105s)
    Spreadsheet attached for interest.


  • Vince,
    sorry I forgot all about providing you the scoring rationale from last year. Please see attached.

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