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Club A.G.M.

The club A.G.M. will be held on the 19.2.19 at 19.00 . Same hall as turbo replacing turbo night full agenda will be available on night . Thanks .


  • Surely it would be more advantageous to have an agenda available beforehand?
  • I'm sure there will be an agenda available beforehand, it's over six weeks till the AGM. I think if one was produced now, it would be out of date several times before the AGM. Any club members who wants something on the agenda to be discussed, should let the committee know.
  • Ok alan I will explain how it works . I will set up a committee meeting .we will make up the agenda . I will then post it .club members can post anything they would like to be added. I will then make up FULL AGENDA for A.G.M. and will be presented at the meeting .
  • Please add proposed change to the Auldhouse league handicap rule as per other thread. Cheers, Vince
  • Folks,
    please see below for agenda of the AGM on Tuesday 19th February, 7pm, at the Ballerup Sports Hall.

    1 Welcome and a brief look back to 2018 by chairman
    2 Apologies for absence
    3 Minutes for 2018 AGM read
    4 Treasurer's Report
    5 Race Report
    6 Election of Committee
    7 Important dates for 2019
    8 Open events update
    9 Social media and Communications role
    10 Funding/Targeted events
    11 Membership Fees
    12 Club Facebook accounts review
    13 Club Kit
    14 Auldhouse League proposed new scoring
    15 Turbo night subsidy

    If any member would like to add any other topic to the agenda then please respond using the forum. The closing date for any additions is Monday 11th February.

    Thank you
  • Apologies unfortunately I now have a work trip and will be unable to attend.
  • How was the AGM?
  • Vince lots discussed, you are now the chairman, treasurer and secretary, we all voted for you!!!!

    Only kiddin, new auldhouse route to be tried, see Andy. You were voted in to bring some kind of structure to the Tuesday nights in the form of a training programme for the rest of the season. We didn't go down the handicap for the league scenario as you weren't there. Can pick it up before we start.

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