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February Winter 10

Hi all, just reminder that Sunday 3rd February is the date for the next Winter 10 event. You know it all by now, first rider off at 10.30am, A77 course, usual meeting place.

Let's hope for a nice morning?



  • Some snow now forecast ☹️
  • I think we should see how it is in the morning. I will be there anyway unless it's really bad.
  • It's my intention to be there, but as Davy says, see how it is in the morning.
  • Hi All. Ruairidh and I won't make it. He has a Scottish Cycling training weekend and needs to be at the Velodrome at 10. Have a good one for those that make it.
  • edited February 3
    Heavy snow forecast between 9 and 12 and I'm getting soft in my old age dont think ill be there lads. Cheers
  • Well, it's snowing at the moment and the roads here are white, so I won't be out today.
  • Is anyone going? Snowing pretty heavy now in EK
  • No it's getting worse in ek so it will be doubly worse up on the moor. So I think we should cancel. Can someone please put it on Facebook etc.

    Take Davy
  • I have stuck a message on FB and WhatsApp page
  • Went up to the start just in case. Thankfully no one appeared cause it was treacherous. I think if we had gone ahead someone would have got hypothermia. Two riders did go by me while I sat in the layby they must have been insane!!!!
  • Folks, we have through general consent decided to run the cancelled February 10 this coming Sunday the 10th. Usual time, 10.30am first man off and usual venue, the A77. Given that the following Sunday is the Icebreaker, riders wanting to get some practice in can ride as a 2 up if they like.

    Hope to see you there, cheers Davy
  • A disappointing morning as we had to cancel the Feb Winter 10 again. The road at parts where the sun could not get to, were still white and icy. So the riders decided it was too risky just in case. All riders did managed to get a trundle in on the parts of the road that were ok and Mr. Rutherford cycled there and back.

    The bonus was we all got a coffee and biccys and a good chat!!! See you Tomorrow for the turbo night.

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