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TTTs ?


Just wondering if there is anyone else interested in team time trials this season?

Might be fun to try getting say 4 riders together and do a bit of regular training together... something a bit different, good social option and help improve bike skills. Also there are always a few 2UPs and some larger team events during the season that we could consider entering, good prep for those.

Not to worry about ability! It's all about the team!

Let me know.



  • Depending on dates i'd be up for it now that Colin M has retired.
  • Yea be great training Vince .
  • Cool, will see if there is any other interest. Initially I'm thinking of trying to get a regular meet on the A77 (perhaps as part of group or individual a longer runs). Idea being to use the 10 route for group ride practice. Sat or Sun mornings being best for me...
  • If you get 2 teams the slower team could have handicap . Could be geat training
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