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Mad March tt

Riders battled gale force conditions in this mornings VC Vitesse 'Mad March Classic' Hilly TT.
Chris Smart GTR took the win in a time of 29.14 with second place going to Liam Beaty , Hawick CC.

1 Chris Smart GTR - Return To Life 00:29:14
2 Liam Beaty Hawick Cycling Club 00:29:30
3 Douglas Watson GTR - Return To Life 00:29:50
4 William Bonar GTR - Return To Life 00:31:03
5 Lewis Duff GTR - Return To Life 00:31:19
6 Gav Mcdonald Derwent Valley Cycling Club 00:32:00
7 Alexander Macrae Ciclotel Travel fueled by YPB 00:32:01
8 Michael Curran Ayr Roads CC 00:32:22
9 Marc Anderson Loudoun Road Club 00:32:25
10 Mark Warters Ayr Roads CC 00:33:01
11 David Mccormack Paisley Velo 00:33:18
12 Tony Scott Loudoun Road Club 00:33:26
13 Alastair Anderson Fusion Triathlon Club 00:33:39
14 Joe Hands GTR - Return To Life 00:33:51
15 Luthais Arthur Glasgow University Cycling Club 00:33:53
16 Murray Lawson East Kilbride Road Club 00:34:34
17 Thomas Gooding-hill Ayr Roads CC 00:35:03
18 Allan Duncan Fullarton Wheelers 00:35:09
19 Scott Bradley Paisley Velo 00:35:14
20 Morris Pamplin Glasgow University Cycling Club 00:35:58
21 William Macdonald Ecosse Performance Cycling Coaching 00:36:15
22 Calum Doyle VC Glasgow South 00:36:30
23 Lewis Anderson Fusion Triathlon Club 00:37:45
24 Aileen Clyde RT 23 00:37:59
25 Allan Maclean VC Glasgow South 00:38:01
26 Sloan/ Lumley Ayrodynamic Tri Club/Walkers CC 00:38:28
27 Ruairidh Brown St Christopher's CC 00:39:23
28 John Gemmell Ayr Roads CC 00:39:42
29 Aileen Fisher Ayr Roads CC 00:40:31
30 Grace Inglis Glasgow University Cycling Club 00:40:51
31 Ross Thomson Fullarton Wheelers 00:40:53
32 Lindsay Foster Ayrodynamic triathlon Club 00:41:11
33 Daniel Ewing Aberdeen Wheelers 00:41:24
34 Emma Parkinson Velo Club Vitesse 00:41:33
35 Kenny Taylor Velo Club Vitesse 00:42:03
36 Graeme Mcnay Velo Club Vitesse 00:43:15
37 Isabelle Rayner Glasgow University Cycling Club 00:43:30
38 Paul Lawson St Christopher's CC 00:43:31
39 Andrew Wilson St Christopher's CC 00:44:02

image.png 463K
R.JPG 77.8K
Paul.JPG 64.7K


  • Well done lads
  • Well I think that's been the scariest I've been in a race. It was absolutley fantastic up to Stewarton, the next leg was a crosswind where I had what I would call a speed wobble, one of which was so bad I had to stop. Even on the last leg which was into the wind I didn't have the confidence to go down onto the bars, so I lost a lot of time because of that, I was two minutes slower than the last time i did the race. Paul also had to stop, but that was because his glasses fell off. I didn't think I was last, because I actually passed someone twice, I had a stop in between..
    That's me till the 30/3 when it's the Gordon Arms MTT.
  • Well done. Conditions looked brutal
  • Well done, tough day!
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