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Auldhouse League 2019 and Starting Handicaps


After further discussions on how to apply handicaps for the Auldhouse League the following points were agreed:

  1. To use a rolling handicap
  2. The same handicap will be used on all courses
  3. The handicap can both both improve and get worse
  4. Handicap calculation will ignore the best and worst ride after 5 rides (see new riders below)
  5. The handicap will be calculated from a starting point of
  6. For riders who have ridden previously, last years handicap will be their starting target (these are in the attached image) worst and best rides being discounted for this season after 5 rides
  7. For new riders, their handicap will be calculated from their times as they ride with the best and worst ride discounted after their 5th ride
  8. Points awarded for beating the handicap are as per previous years
  9. A minimum of 10 rides are required to qualify for the trophy as per previous years
  10. If you ride more than 10 times then the best 10 rides are used to calculate your points total
  11. Time keeper sends times to me and I will update handicaps and post updates
Hope this all makes sense! Good luck for 2019!

image.png 17.7K


  • Vince, as this year we will need some riders to do the timekeeping, more than in previous years. What happens if someone has to do, for example 3 timekeeping sessions and because of this fails to do the required min. 10 rides. do they just miss out.
    I know in the Fife league if you miss out on a tt result because you've been marshalling, then they will be allocated points for for that event based on their average points for the season.
    Perhaps something to think about
  • If someone is taking the times they should be allocated points .
  • Hi Andy and Billy,

    Given the circumstances I am sure we can be flexible!

    There are a few options including allowing the time keeper to ride (should they wish) and either record his own time / allow a Strava time. Or as you say award points based on criteria such as average points or even a 'bonification' (you need to say this in the accent of Sean Kelly) for time keeping.

    Chat more on Tuesday,

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