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Georgetown Cup?

There was some whats app chat chat about getting riders together for this.

I'm not the most experienced on the subject but I understand that we need at least 8 riders and the ride is individual but the overall team position is an average of the best 8 and the course is shorter than 10m?

I also currently can't find a date but it seems to have been run under CTT in September last year.

Can anyone in the know confirm the above and a date?

Ali B, Craig B, Martin S and I expressed an interest... so looking for four more!




  • I'm up for it if you need people to make up the numbers
  • Hi Chris,

    More the merrier! Likely date is 7th September.
  • Iam in Vince . Let us allow another team to have the pie .cheers
  • its always round about the first weekend in Sept
  • Thanks Billy and Alan,

    So expressing interest so far are

    Ali B, Craig B, Martin S, Chris O, Billy B and myself which takes us to SIX!

  • Count me in unless someone quicker wants a place
  • edited March 18
    Thanks Ray!

    And then there were SEVEN!

    Link to last years course - stated distance is only 7 miles.

    The Georgetown Cup is an inter club team event.

    - The combined time of the fastest 8 riders will count for the clubs time.

    - There is no restriction on the number of riders a club enters.

    - No rider who has won a National Championship medal in the last 3 seasons can count towards their clubs combined time. (we will need to check this ;) )
  • Yea .we are going to smash it . Some one else can have that bloody pie
  • FYI found the link to this years so it is on the 7th September:

    Expressing interest so far: Ali B, Craig B, Martin S, Chris O, Billy B, Raymond S and myself which takes us to SEVEN!
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