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Carrick TT 20miles

It was a nice sunny, if a little cold, down at Dalmellington for a nice sporting course. It's down as 20 miles, but was actually 17.8 miles, just ask Billy about it. When you got to the turn, you discovered that there was a bit of a headwind, not too bad till with about 4 miles to go when there was a 2 mile climb, not steep, but with the wind it was enought to wear you down, then the last 2 miles was a twisting downhill, so a good finish.
Paul Lawson 55.25
Andy Wilson 55.26 (1.10 faster than last year)
Billy Brierley 56.23

Now for the 30 mile Lang Whang TT tomorrow


  • Good stuff! Lang Whang cancelled tho... Mist on course.
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