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Jack Robertson Auldhouse League 2019

Well it must be spring as the Tuesday night winter turbo nights have now ended. Thanks to all who participated and made it all happen.

We now focus our attention on the Jack Robertson Auldhouse League for 2019. The first league event is taking place on Tuesday 23rd April with first rider off at 7.30 pm sharp. As you may or may not know it is looking doubtful to run the event on our usual course. So please bring yourself up to speed on the proposed alternative course that was posted a while ago. We will meet at our usual spot on Langlands Drive and decide then the final course to be used on the night.

If you are interested some club riders are going round the course this Tuesday evening, the 16th, to familiarise themselves with the course if it has to be used. They will meet at Langlands for 7pm and all are welcome.

So, see you all on the evening of the 23rd when we will kick off this years league.

Thank you

David Turner


  • Can't make it working .be the next week.cheers
  • I understand that the consensus of the group after the ride on Tuesday evening was that the proposed alternative was not suitable. There was some discussion about an alternate alternative but no conclusion.

    Also, it seems that there will be a road closure at the junction between Clueghearn Rd and Millwell Road (Auldhouse -> Red Road). From 22/4 till 10/5. Which seems to rule out all the proposed alternatives between these dates.

    So where are we going on the 23rd? A77...
  • Vince, I feel it is too close to the opening event to shift to the A77, perhaps in the coming weeks. I think we should all meet where and when as usual and have a kinda prologue! There are always riders who just appear on the night and it would give them a chance to be aware of the situation and what we are doing.
    Cheers Davy
  • The problem meeting at the usual spot is we have no course at all due to the roadworks starting top of auldhouse cross. Between WhatsApp and the forum we could pretty much cover the membership with notice of the change.
  • If we just wanted a short course, we could start at the bottom of Langlands Dr. near the roundabout, but in the opposite direction to the usual way, up to the Red road, turn left then just carry on to the new finish. This will avoid the roadworks further along the Red road. This might give you about 5 miles
    I don't have a problem with doing the A77 while the roadworks are on.
  • Ok, looks like the A77 then. Give me a shout when agreed, I can timekeep if required.
  • It's the A77 tomorrow night (23rd), starting at 7.30 at the usual place. Davie we will need you as timekeeper.
  • OK, A77 it is, I'll be there to timekeep. Hope Ali Bean is there.... he has the watches?

    Davy T
  • I assume it's the A77 again for tomorrow (30th)?
  • Yes for the time being Vince.
  • This is why I didn't ride last night, as 24 hours, or so I was doing this by myself.
  • Well done Andy. You got Strava? You can link it to your Garmin account and share all of your rides with the club :)
  • edited May 1
    Nice ride! Still no excuse tho ;-)
  • there was some talk about moving back to Auldhouse route for this tue (14/5). I think the section of Greenhills Rd between Langlands roundabout and next roundabout is dangerous. Road has been narrowed to remove the right turn lane into High Whitehills Rd and the surface along the whole section is a nightmare. I was thinking a possible option to avoid this section could be...
    start at the roundabout on Greenhills Road (opposite whitehills) and follow traditional course. Once back onto Greenhills Rd we could turn left into Langlands (where we normally start) do one or two circuits of Sainburys loop and finish back on Langlands Rd....
    Anyone got any thoughts?
  • Sticking with the 77 gets my vote. I would much prefer it to be around the lanes but the roadworks and road condition is only going to get worse as the year goes on.
  • Please let the timekeeper know what you decide? Not on facebook remember

    Ta David
  • Davie,

    General consensus is A77 for tonight
  • OK, I 'll be there

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