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Jack Robertson Auldhouse League Results - 23/04/2019

Six riders took part in the first league event of the season with Davey Timekeeping and Marion marshalling. The A77 was used due to roadworks on the traditional course.

Conditions proved difficult with a cold and very fast tail wind on the way out seeing legs spinning at 110 RPM and running out of gears. After the turn the wall was hit hard and it was a tough return requiring all to dig deep just to keep the pedals turning. So no records were broken last night and no points scored. Handicaps targets for those who rode have dropped though!

V Pickering 25.43
M Smith 25.53
R Sibbald 31.09
A Bean 31.33
R Brown 31.42
A Wilson 34.42

See attached image for rolling results and new handicaps. Can't seem to upload attachments so here is the Facebook link for now...
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