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League results 30/04/19

A better evening for tonight's trial even though a bit dreich, at least the freezing wind of last week was only a bad memory. 7 riders showed up to do battle and it was nice to see Derek Marzella who hasn't participated for a while.

Fastest on the night and his best time on this course so far was Vincent Pickering with a 23.41.

Results below
V Pickering 23.41 - Beat handicap by 114s and awarded 14 points - new handicap 24m 58s
M Smith 23.54 - Beat handicap by 84s and awarded 10 points - new handicap 24m 50s
R Sibbald 27.27 - Beat handicap by 99s and awarded 12 points - new handicap 29m 6s
R Brown 28.11 - Beat handicap by 97s and awarded 12 points - new handicap 29m 16s
A Bean 28.44 - Beat handicap by 99s and awarded 12 points - new handicap 29m 45s
A Rutherford 31.03 - Up on handicap - new handicap 30m 31s
D Marzella 33.19 - First ride - new handicap 33m 19s

Due to the uncertainty of the roadwork dates round the E/K course, it was decided that we would use the A77 course until further notice.

PS Forgot to congratulate Raymond Sibbald on his time.... a PB for him. Well Done Raymond

Thank you


  • Slight correction for Ali... Ali you beat your handicap by 91s not 99 but still 12 points awarded.

    Well done all. Good to see my plan for winning the league this year is starting to work out! ;-)

    Nice bike Ray and nice PB!
  • edited May 1
    Rolling results attached (if it works).
  • Cheers Vince. No results attached!
  • I've put em on FB...
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