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League Results 14/05/19

Another good evening up on the A77 and a good turnout for tonight's event. Good to see some riders whom we assumed had emigrated!!!!!, return to the fold, notably Vince Fenwick and Paul Mathieson. Fastest rider tonight was Vince Pickering who rode a course best 23.31.

Looks like we will be using the A77 for a while yet as our usual circuits are up to their necks in roadworks.

V. Pickering 23.31cb Beat handicap by 81s and awarded 10 points for a total of 24 - new handicap 24m 36s
M. Smith 23.46 Beat handicap by 54s and awarded 6 points for a total of 21 - new handicap 24m 29s
R. Sibbald 27.00 pb Beat handicap by 109s and awarded 14 points for a total of 40 - new handicap 28m 27s
P. Matheson 27.34 Up on handicap and awarded 0 points for a total of 0 - new handicap 27m 34s
A. Bean 28.58 Beat handicap by 37s and awarded 4 points for a total of - new handicap 29m 28s
A. Rutherford 29.51 Beat handicap by 40s and awarded 4 points for a total of 4 - new handicap 30m 18s
V. Fenwick 30.13 First ride


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