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Willie Rafferty Open 10, 5th June

It's that time of the year again when the club need helpers, marshals, bakers, etc. for the open evening event on the 5th. The course is the official 10 course on the A77 (not the one we use ) The strip is the Fairweather Hall next to the Newton Mearns, Asda. I will remind members that if they can supply a substitute to take their place then they are free to ride, I am sure Andy would be happy to take your entry.

We need a minimum of 7 marshals and various other helpers in and out of the hall....
Pusher Off
Time taker (finish and hall)
Gear Checker (youths)

If you can help, can I please ask if you could let me know either e mail or through forum so I can make up a list of who is where prior to the event.

Many thanks

David Turner


  • I'm available and happy to give out the numbers and take times in the hall again if needed.
  • I'm up for a bit of marshalling.
  • Happy to do the time recording as usual.
  • Thanks chaps.
  • Davy, my wife, Susan is happy to help out in the hall; catering or registration stuff.
  • I may have something on with work but will know towards the end of the week. If available I'm happy to help out with marshalling or something non technical that I can't mess up!
  • Cheers Chris.
  • Hi, thanks to all who replied to me regarding helping out at the open 10, see you Wednesday evening, 6.30 for delegation of duties.

    Davy Turner
  • PS, forgot to say, if any helpers could bring some cakes or biccys along that would be great. The committee members are making sandwiches and the odd cake but any extras would be great.

    Ta Davy Turner

  • Ill be able to Marshall
  • Right, thanks Alan.
  • A quick thanks to one and all who helped make the Willie Raffetty 10 a great success. Despite somewhat damp conditions the club did very well to promote this will be dry next year!!
  • I know Billy thanked everyone who had a hand in last nights event, he even remember me this year. I didn't really see anyone last night, I was a wee bit busy, so I would like to add my thanks to everyone who was there and I didn't see, (almost everyone) without you, there wouldn't be an event. By tomorrow night I should have everything finished, results etc. and i can forget about it, till the next one.
    Some people said the weather was bad, I don't know what they were talking about, I was out on the A77 today, on a destress ride and the weather was nice and sunny. The only extra clothing I needed was a gilet, which I've got a couple in stock, should anyone be interested.
  • Well done guys!
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