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Update On Last Nights Auldhouse

Just a quick update on one of our riders from last night's incident,Colin M has broken his scapula (bone in his shoulder) in several places, it looks like he'll be getting operated on today. Does anyone have any news on how Vince is?
Wishing both a speedy recovery.


  • Hi, Vince has a broken collar bone. Sore but ok. Thanks all for help and concern last night.

  • Can anyone PM me Colin's DOB or address. Or even Linda s # Hairmyres won't give me an update without.

  • I go away for a week and all hell breaks loose!!! Seriously, hope Colin and Vince are ok if not a little shaken. Thinking of you both and a speedy recovery to both too.
    Cheers Davy T
  • Hi folks. Firstly thank you to everyone last night for there help. Your help and jackets were much appreciated.
    I'm still in hospital, I've managed to make some impressive damage to my shoulder. Currently the hospital is consulting on the best treatment. I may get transferred to the GRI tomorrow for an operation but still waiting to see.

    I'm ok otherwise , some road rash an broused ribs.
    Sorry for spoiling everyone's night and very sorry to Vince


    Ps one final note if you are going to have an accident, it may be wise to pre book your ambulance they can take a while to arrive.
  • Good to hear you are somewhat upbeat about it all Colin, but then you have been here before. Here is hoping Vince is the same.
    Get well soon the both of you.
    Cheers Davy
  • Nightmare lads. Hope you both mend well quickly.

    The ambulance didn't half take its time colin, it got that cold i was ready for taking a jacket back of you :D
  • Great to hear you are sounding positive colin hope you get opp tomorrow and start healing and hopefully Vince will soon be on the mend . Take care guys .
  • Thanks all. Feeling better today after a better night's sleep. Just painkillers and time for me. @Colin, no need to apologise it's the risk that comes with the territory. Helmet worked! Bike seems remarkably ok!

    If anyone can make a stop/go sign I'll come and Marshall at the TT
  • Vincent, I'll put you at a junction that only needs one arm to point
  • I hope both make a quick recovery. Welldone to Ruairidh for raising the alarm at the finish line.
  • Get well soon boys
  • I got out of hospital today so perhaps Vince can signal left and I can do right.
  • A day at a time guys .
  • edited May 2018
    Spoke to Andy anyone riding tonight won't have to pay on the 22.5.18 cheers .
  • Billy, you must have caught me at a week moment.
    P.S. it's only for those that paid last Tuesday
  • Do Vince and I get a refund?
  • I'll have to put it to the committee
  • Colin would you settle out of court 50p. ?
  • If you raced you pay. ?
  • Hi All,

    Just to say thanks for the card. Much appreciated. Results of my follow up are as expected, no intervention just time and a bit of physio. Trying to keep the fitness up a bit with walks. Hopefully try to get on the turbo this week.


  • hopefully time goes quickly and you're back on the bike soon
  • Good positive attitude vince .thats you on the road to recovery.
  • All,

    Update from me, I got back on the road yesterday for a wee pootle. Shoulder and arm muscles are still stiff and sore but can now do most things. Off to Cornwall for two weeks and then might join you for a TT or two when I return.

    Please tell everyone to slow down :wink:

    I understand that Colin is also recovering well.

    Thanks again for your support, see you on the road soon,


  • Glad to hear you're on the mend, enjoy the holiday
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